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Lecture 08 / assignments

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Lecture 08 Privacy, TV programming, Digital Britain.

Update: The lecture notes lecture-08

Assignments: introducing 2 new questions. Discussion. 

Q: Is it acceptable to exchange internet privacy for web content (television, publishing)? Who should make that decision?

Q: As part of the Digital Britain report Lord Carter proposes a Digital Rights Agency to resolve copyright issues faced by the creative industries. Is this the right approach?

You can download the proposal and read the press release from the Intellectual Property Office.

WriteToReply have a site for you to comment on the proposal in detail.

To view and make  comments on specific aspects of the proposal go to

For citation you can also link directly to sections of the report.

Update: responses to the Digital Rights Agency  proposal closed on 30th March and were forwarded to the Digital Britain team. You can still use the WTR /strawman site for citation. There is also a page which links to submissions to the IPO. See what other people and organisations said.


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March 18, 2009 at 10:38 am

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