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Wednesday 11th March

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We will see you on Wednesday 1pm. We will begin with a short intro session on what is required of you over the Easter break and then the people who haven’t yet presented will be given the opportunity to show their initial work.

The break over Easter is from the 20th of March to the 15th of April. I will be available for tutorial slots over Easter, you need to e-mail me to make an appointment, to

I will also run some tutorial sessions on Wednesday 15th April in ICE , again if you could e-mail me to make a time. Put in the subject of the e-mail; tutorial m36mc.

Below are the questions that you need to work on for the second assignment. We will add some more to these that particularly relate to the areas we have covered in lectures. The assignment is 2000 words and can be placed on your blog as a separate page titled : Assignment 2. You can also upload it to your blog as a word file or pdf, make sure you keep an original copy of both assignments.

M36CMC Assignment 2

Making use of specific examples and appropriate theoretical and conceptual resources, respond by using textual, image-based and other means, to one of the following claims/assertions:-

•    The historical shift from mechanical to information technologies helps to subvert the notions of sovereignty and self-sufficiency that have provided an ideological anchoring for individual identity since Greek philosophers elaborated the concept more than two millennia ago. In short technology is helping to dismantle the very vision of the world that in the past it fostered.
(Barglow 94:6 cited in Castells 1996 The Rise of the Network Society, Oxford Blackwells: 23 )

•     the role of the nation state will change dramatically and there will be no more room for nationalism than there is for smallpox.                                    (Negroponte 1996 Being Digital, London: Hodder & Stoughton: 236)

•    What does “ownership” mean when property is infinitely reproducible, highly malleable and the surrounding culture has neither coercive power relationships nor material scarcity economics?
(Raymond 2000  Homesteading the Noosphere : Part 4. )

Alternatively you may suggest an alternative starting point/quotation to respond to which you must discuss with the tutors.

Deadline 27.04.09

Please discuss your choice of topic and how you propose to address it, with the module tutors.


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