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Lecture 02

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Tasks in preparation for week 3

Set up your blog

Post a short piece. 200 words on one of the topics covered in the lecture.

1. Digital Rights Management and creative content. (Music, iTunes, Kindle)

2. Creative Commons licenses

3. Science Commons, IP and licenses

4. Comment on the plan for ISPs to disconnect file sharers.

Out-law on file sharing and ISPs

5. Read the Carter Report on Digital Britain, section 3 Digital Content.

Download the report for print and offline reading

Alternatively read the report and other people’s comments. The numbered paragraphs will help us keep track


Framework: technology, culture , law, economics
Apple, iTunes, Universal. Big 4, Sony, Warner, EMI. 75% share of legal
download market. iPod 15 tracks. The other 2,000?
Tech companies: Apple: not our problem, innovation vs content owners,
Common Carrier defence.
iTunes, Apple store, criticism , Steve Jobs letter big 4 restrictions, alternative
download stores, 6th Jan change.
Language:’theft’, ‘pirate, ‘digital rights management’
EC copyright extensions to 70 years.
Creative Commons
Copyright and IP, patents.
Science Commons
Carter report: Digital Britain.


Creative Commons

Science Commons

Download An Introduction to Science Commons John Wilbanks and James Boyle

A recent presentation on Slideshare

Carter report links

Carter in FT ‘Copyright extension out of tune with reality’
14th December req registration

Digital Britain report
Download the report


Out-law on file sharing and ISPs


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February 4, 2009 at 11:57 am

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  1. i was not around as i have said in lecture one


    February 22, 2009 at 5:03 pm

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