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Lecture 03

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The Web 2.0 bubble is *so* over

Startup culture and the cloud


Analyse section 3 of Digital Britain. Report back. Discusssion.



3 out of 4 keywords: tech, culture, economy.

Why software companies? Is this media?

Thesis *so* over. Position. React.


Web 2.0, Bubble, what’s finished, what works.

Web 2.0

Tim O’Reilly

Conference. The bubble.

Software development: web as platform. Rapid development. Small teams. Ajax. Ruby on Rails

Content: user generated content. The software has no value until users contribute content.

Business model: Google, old media take over, IPO . Funding: self or VC. Free, apparently free. Selling data. Targeting ads.

Culture: startup. Rhetoric: community, openness.

What’s over

Free (unless outside the market). Chris Anderson.


Inflated valuations. $15Bn Facebook PR.

What works

Servers. Software. Small, rapid, adaptation, innovation, understanding your users. No debt, charging money.

Paul Graham on startups

Business and culture.

Case Study: 37 Signals

What they do. How they do it.

Living the startup life. Sustainable business models.

Cloud computing

Nic Carr, The Big Switch. Computing as utility.

Aggregators. Long tail.

Employment. 60 employees at Facebook.

Cloud 20

Don’t trust the cloud. It’s a graphic.


Questions of power, ownership, engagement, civil society.


The links

Tim O’Reilly on Web 2.0

Web 2.0 software

Paul Graham links

How to start a startup

Venture Capital

Web 2.0

Interview about Web 2.0 2006

Be good 2008

Paul Graham’s Start up school

37 signals

Getting real

Book, paid for PDF, free web access. Same content.

Mixergy: bootstrapping lessons. 4 minute summary on Jason Fried

Jason Fried O’reilly interview – how they work

Interuptions, meetings, chat, text, collaborative, no PR firm, teach

The secret to making money online

David Heinemeier (Ruby on Rails)


On software development, planning, functional specs, abstractions, focus on real

Nic Carr

The Big Switch

The blog

The cloud 20

Big Switch may turn off jobs


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February 10, 2009 at 9:11 pm

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